MOORI Technologies



  • The most influential book in my life is A journey of a thousand miles with the ox-walk, a series of letters to his wife by the author, Suil Jeong, when he was a political prisoner. The author expressed his passion on learning and reminisced about his past life. What I liked most in this book is the title which can be written in artistic form of old Korean characters as 牛步千里 that is pronounced as Woo Bo Cheol Lee.
    I chose this Woo Bo Cheol Lee as the company slogan when I started it. Still this is the fundamental spirit of the company. Every company hopes to survive for a hundred years just as every human being does. It is not easy at all in this fast changing world that you can go for your goals with stead steps even though they are small and slow. I have, however, a very strong belief that this ox-walk can last longer.
    The most frequent question I got from other people is about the meaning of the company name. Moori is a halo as it is a sun halo, Hatmoori in Korean, or as it is a moon halo, Dalmoori in Korean. Amonst so many spin out companies, I hoped this company name Moori could be easily remembered as a beautiful and genuine Korean word and also it could remind of its relation to the optics.
  • Moori Technologies pursues a science and technology company based on electro-optics. Such companies can grow with its basis of science and technologies. Advanced technologies can be supported by advanced science. Technologies cannot last long without supportive sciences. Such that we pursue to invest to the relavent sciences as well.
    Moori Technologies tries to excel technologically and tries to be independant. We will do our best for the technological excellence and for the steadfast independance not to be shaken by any troubles against our goals.
    We have set sail in the vast ocean of technological business. We are open to the world. We will keep our ox-walk, stead and slow, hoping that someday we can be remembered as one small step for the welfare of humankind.
    Thank you.